Ref4Bux, reliable ptc instant payment
The strength of Ref4Bux are instant payments starting at $ 0.25. It is also possible to upgrade fromĀ $ 0.5 using funds earned …


How to earn money with ref4bux ptc

Ref4bux is a successful ptc with which you can earn a lot of money, if you have a powerful earning strategy. First of all you must know that this ptc has been active for a year, and it has always been punctually paying his members, whatever is the amount to pay (Min. 0.25 $).

Just only for these reasons you can be sure this is a very serious and reliable ptc, administered by a very engaged admin, with a forum, moderated by nice and comprehensive staff.

Every kind of ptc requires a very powerful earning strategy, but initially you can choose between two different strategies: The first is slower (you must’nt invest your money), the second is faster (you have to invest a small part of your budget to create a very fast income).

The most important requirement is CONSTANCY. It’s normal that your income are low initially, only with your strategy and your constant commitment your earnings will become higher.

Ref4bux earnings strategies

This ptc is different from others. It has a lot of more suggestive functions. To start earning you must only login and to click the bottom “View Ads“: A list of ads will appear in front of you and you must only click on each ads to visit them.

At the end of the timer of the page you must complete the captcha.

If you don’t want to click every single ads you can use the slideshow mode, clicking the bottom “Start Slideshow“, and start watching the ads in this way.

Here you must not complete the captcha, you have to wait 5/10 seconds for every ads and then you can click the bottom NEXT . This mode is the best, because the ads are more than standard mode. In few minutes Ref4bux accredits you a lot of ads (from 30 to 70 every day) .

The second earning mode is called REF4GRID, and now you must be lucky too. You must click the bottom “Earn More” and then “Win with Ref4Grid“. Now you can play with the grid to win money from 0.1$ to 4$.

In addition there is also the possibility to earn by completing offers and signing up to sites and even at two games of luck.


The minimum payout with every kind of membership is 0.25$. Money will instantly accredited on your PayPal or AlertPay account. You can decide to get your money each time or to move it on the purchase balance and start to rent referrals .

Referrals rent

One feature that differentiates Ref4Bux from almost all other PTC is the strange constancy of rented refs. Those who work with the PTC understands the problem of rental refs and recycling strategies that need to guess .

That said we note that today we have 125 rent refs who clicked almost every day. This constance makes us think that probably are bots, but honestly, we do not see the problem, bot or no bot the important thing is to click constantly and always keep our balance in surplus.

About balance in surplus we mention an excellent feature that allows you to extend the duration of each refs for 240 days with a discount of 40%. It ‘s also an option to buy direct refs (that does not expire), but it is a feature that we have not tested ..

Sure, we had this constancy with the rental refs in Neobux definitely the issue would be different :-)


And here is another feature that will certainly be appreciated, especially for those new to this PTC.

The types of Upgrade

About the upgrade, the admin Ref4Bux adopted a clever solution, create different types of upgrades for different budgets. To illustrate: The minimum upgrade “Pioneer” costs $ 0.25 for 28 days. This usually is the upgrade of who starts, and that doubles the gain is from clicks from those of personal referrals.

Types of upgrades later then expected costs ranging from $ 10 for 6 months until the Ultimate (125 $ for 6 months) suggest that only the most daring, but that guarantees a return on investment safe, provided that both active and adopt a strategy of accommodation.

Between these two there are plans to upgrade to intermediate, with different terms and costs, which allow you to invest slowly using only the earnings of our clicks.


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